Penerapan Metode Cosine Similarity Dalam Aplikasi Chatbot Layanan Wisata Di Wilayah Malang

2019: Seminar Informatika Aplikatif 2019

Ragata Anggada Bhakti
Ridwan Rismanto
Yoppy Yunhasnawa


Abstract-Chatbot is an application designed to communicate with machines. This communication helps the user in finding information. The information provided is various, such as media information about Tourism Public Services in the Malang Region. Natural Language Proceessing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that focuses on natural language processing. Natural language is a language that is generally used by humans in communicating with each other. With current artificial intelligence technology, natural language can be processed into various forms, such as chatbot with various methods, one of which uses Cosine Similarity, and TF-IDF. Cosine Similarity is a method for the Question-Answering system by calculating the weight of each word in a question that will later be matched to the dataset.

 The use of this method will be applied to the chatbot system intended as a medium of information about the Tourism Public Service in the Malang Region, as a substitute for customer service, in addition to changing the delivery of information so that it is easily understood. Based on testing that has been done from some test data to obtain faster execution time results and has a maximum recall result of 100% and the smallest precision value among the test results is 0.01%.