Pengembangan Sistem Peramalan Produksi Kopi Menggunakan triple exponential smoothing

2020: Seminar Informatika Aplikatif Polinema (SIAP) - 2020

Mochammad Iqbal Maulana


M Iqbal Maulana.. "Development of Coffee Production Forecasting Systems Using triple exponential smoothing". Counseling Lecturer: (1) Budi Harijanto, , S.T., M.Mkom. (2) Ekojono, S.T ., M.Kom..


Thesis, Informatics Management Study Program, Department of Information Technology, State Polytechnic of Malang, 2020.


Coffee consumption in the world reach 70% comes from Arabica coffee, 26%  from Robusta coffee , 2%  from Liberica coffee, and 2%  from Ekselsa coffee. Coffee production in Malang City has increased because of the shops/cafes that have sprung up , this has led to an increase in production at the DuoNingrat Coffee Factory. From this problem the system was made to see the accuracy / error using the Triple Exponential Smoothing method and this study took the title "Development of Coffee Production Forecasting Systems Using the Triple Exponential Smoothing Method" so that it can be easier to determine coffee production according to future market demand. Error or accuracy testing was done by calculating the MAPE value was 16.9% and the prediction accuracy value was 87.1%


Keywords:    Forecasting, Triple Exponential Smoothing , coffee